Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the Reaper Character Designs

    Over the three stages that the idea of Death School has gone through, the character of Dave has changed. Originally Dave was a scary reaper that acted as a teacher, however he has been now depicted as more of a cheerful, sceptical reaper to add some relief to the morbid story behind him. His design will now be simplified, especially his facial features. In the beginning he was characterised through strong realistic features that were not shown in the final production. However, with the new theme of game and luck, I decided Dave needed to be more of a participant in the storyline, and thus he will now act as a host to the main character.
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Motorcycle Wallpapers

Reaper Wallpapers

Adjusted Race Times

    Have you ever watched an athlete crush a course record and then be even more impressed when you find out that they have three kids, a new job, and recently moved? Or how about the other extreme - witnessing a new course record set by a 28-year-old with no social life, a part-time job, and nothing but time to train? Well of course they can haul ass with all that time to train. But how do you compare these breakthrough performances? I think we need a calculation for life-adjusted race times.

    The World Association of Veteran Athletes has Age-Graded Tables, a set of "age factors" and "age standards" that, when multiplied by a time or distance, allow athletes of any age and event to compare their performances with that of any other athlete (go here for a calculator). Perhaps we could have the same for adjusting for major life events. But where to start?

    I've seen a life stress test floating around (such as this one) to help determine susceptibility to stress-related illnesses. Perhaps we could use similar elements with a starting score of 100, where challenging life events subtract from your score, and calming life events add to it. Once you add/subtract all of your life events, divide by 100 to get your multiplier. I'll suggest some factors below - feel free to add to it!

    Remember, negative numbers improve your life-adjusted time by lowering your multiplier. You can think of it as "they clocked that time despite having xxx life challenge".
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Monday, September 26, 2011

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